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This is the official website for Bill Zebub Productions.  You can delve deeper into the movies that you love, or you can take a fast glance at what's new.  There will be a sister site erected soon which will feature forums and other interactive goodies.

Celebrities have fun with Dickshark

   Sid Haig (Devil's Rejects) and Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Sharknado 4) had fun with Dickshark at the Days of the Dead convention in Indianapolis.

   A fan came up to Bill Zebub to ask him if he'd seen the picture that was making waves.  Bill Zebub does not have a smart phone so he could see nothing of the Internet while representing his movie at his booth.  The fan showed Bill Zebub the pic, and Bill Zebub waited for a good time to walk over and to thank the celebrities.

   This picture is not a celebrity endorsement of the film.  Bill Zebub does not use such marketing.  What happened in this picture is two celebrities having fun (It was Caroline's idea - she hadn't met Bill Zebub prior to the photo).  The reason why this photo is being posted is because it shows how Dickshark winds up in surprising places. Again, it is not a statement about anyone approving of, loving, or promoting the movie.  It's just two people having fun with a DVD.

   Yes, there ARE celebrities who love certain BILL ZEBUB movies, but Bill Zebub will never exploit that love.  His movies are about personal growth, so it would be against his principles to have you blindly follow someone's tastes other than your own.  Even among the many people who adore the movies, no two fans are alike in personality.  Those who like sheep are focused on money, whereas Bill Zebub is focused on creativity.


 A Devil's Wind is in production

"A Devil's Wind" began as a way to combine the vulgar with the sublime, but as the notes were compiled, the story took on its own force, resulting in yet another truly new tale.  There will be at least two versions of this movie.  Rather than tantalize and build hype, Bill Zebub chooses to warn you that if you hate dialogue, stay away from this one.


  "FRANKENSTEIN'S SORROW" is now in pre-production.  Peter Steele was originally to play the monster, but it's actually good that Bill Zebub didn't film the movie at that time.  Bill Zebub's test footage revealed that this book cannot be made into a horror, thriller, drama, or any narrative.  It must be art house.  Unlike Bill Zebub's other work, which takes from 5 days to 3 months to fully film a feature, Frankenstein's Sorrow will take at least a year.  If you haven't read the book, the monster is not a retarded zombie, and he was not stitched together from various dead people.  That is just the typical Hollywood bastardization of a book that is too intellectual for an American crowd.  The monster was the most eloquent character in all literature.  American movies depict him as stupidly grunting, yet he spoke French and German. was a perfect mimic, , and learned to read with books by Plutarch, Goethe, and Milton.  Wish Bill luck!

THE LOST SKITS OF BILL ZEBUB is now out!  This anthology contains re-edits of three films: BAD ACID, STEREOTYPES DON'T JUST DISAPPEAR INTO THIN AIR, n\and SPOOKED.



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The new site will also have many more pictures.  the site loads much faster and is more responsive.  Tryopon out, and be sure to Email bill@billzebub.com your opinions and suggestions.

If you are a fan of Bill Zebub's magazine, he has also started a new site for that - http://grimoireofexalteddeeds.com - be sure to explore that as well.




trailer for 50 Shades of Scarlett (BLURAY only)

King of the B Movies

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Dickshark Sneak Peek


Dickshark plays at Cinema Wasteland in Ohio

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Cast of "A Devil's Wind"

Santa Claus: A Horror Story - trailer #1

Meet the cast of Bill Zebub's Santa Movie


WEIRD NJ interviews Bill Zebub

Bill Zebub was interviewed for WEIRD NJ.  Click here to enjoy the madness. http://weirdnj.com/diy-nj/bill-zebub/


SANTA CLAUS: A HORROR STORY is almost finished filming!

Bill Zebub has been tirelessly filming and editing his Santa movie so that it can be finished in time for a November 29 release date.  We'll announce the public screenings the will precede that date.  In the meantime, you can delve further into the myth here (click) Santa Claus: A Horror Story


Oderus Urungus plays "Satan" in "Jesus, the Total Douchebag"

VIXEN OF VIRTUE to begin filming soon

VIXEN OF VIRTUE shall soon begin filming!  This movie was originally to be a spoof of superhero movies but, as Bill Zebub compiled ideas, a powerful and tragic story began to emerge, so the parody elements were discarded in favor of amazing story.  But the comical elements will be used in a spoof for later 2016/early 2017. 

Expect more news soon.

DO UNTO OTHERS is available for streaming/download!


BILL ZEBUB PRODUCTIONS is set to release the re-edit of DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE, newly titled DO UNTO OTHERS, on DVD by Septemberon DVD, but you can stream/download it right now!  Click on:



  The re-edt uses performances that have not yet been seen.  Bill Zebub tried to make the new cut more disturbing.  You will have to be the judge of that.


DOCUMENTARY in the works!

  Bill Zebub has been selecting various older movies for new edits.  Some of these re-edits are celebrations of movies for which he has regained rights.  For example, DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE had been licensed to an outside production company for five years, and now that rights have been regained for the North American territories,  a new cut is perfect because of the way that Bill Zebub edits in this era.  It's a treat for fans as well as for newcomers.

   But much older movies, some that have been out of print, have received re-edits because of fans clamoring.  Some wanted to replace worn out DVD's, and some wanted to show their friends the movies that started their journeys into the land of Bill Zebub Productions.   Fans enjoy seeing the early signs of what was to come.

   As Bill Zebub was writing a new comedy that is based on the bizarre behavior of people who are involved in movie-making, like flakey actresses, dishonest business associates, over-eager fans, infantile drama, bogus accusations, and the various obstacles that either make or break an entrepreneur,. it occurred to him that he actually owns vast amounts of footage that illustrate some of these plot points, so he is simultaneously creating a documentary about the ludicrous side of film-making, which is not only entertaining, but informative. 

   The documentary will have a free (and uncensored) version that will appear on at least one Roku channel for maximum exposure, and a different edit, for fans, will be available on DVD along with a slide show of pictures from various early movies.  The documentary will not be in HD because the source material is from the era of standard definition.  Truth is indeed far more entertaining than fiction.

Check back for more developments on future re-edits, as well as news on the documentary being developed.  You will get to feast your eyes on never-before-seen footage and pictures. 

 As soon as the bugs are fixed in the registration process, members of the site will be awarded uncensored photographs.  We're going to make a huge splash with this documentary!