The Lost Films of Bill Zebub

THE LOST FILMS OF BILL ZEBUB is a collection of three out-of-print movies that have been re-edited.  STEREOTYPES DON'T JUST DISAPPEAR INTO THIN AIR  was originally two and a half hours long but it was cut for better comedic pacing.  It is also available for streaming/downlaod by itself.

SPOOKED was made after Bill Zebub proved that racial humor can be made without being hateful.  Comedy is a social mirror so all things that reflect in this lens should be depicted.  This story follows foour white supremacists.  When one of them dies, he comes back black, and the other three have to tolerate him.  This movie has be re-edited for better story flow and also to get rid of the humor that didn't seem to work in the original cut. You can also stream/downlaod the movie by itself here

BAD ACID is not a drug movie but LSD is part of the story to show that it is not the drug that turns the characters into losers - they were losers before they used drugs.  This re-edit eliminated the narrator and contains some alternate performances.  You can stream/download it by itself here.


Here are some movies and descriptions.


SANTA CLAUS: SERIAL RAPIST and SANTA CLAUS: A HORROR STORY are the same movie - except that the "SANTA CLAUS: SERIAL RAPIST" one is 20 minutes longer and has an hour of bloopers.  It doesn't mean that "SANTA CLAUS: A HORROR STORY" is short because it actually runs for 2 hours.

Emily Prior is the female lead.  She is a new face in the world of Bill Zebub movies.  Suzi Lorraine, who was in Dirtbags, The Grucifier, and the first version of Metalheads is also in this.

Click on the links to get more details.  As with all Bill Zebub movies, the story is way more than what you would imagine from the title or the cover art.  It's high brow and low brow at the same time.  No, this is not a christmas movie or a spoof.  


DICKSHARK - DICKSHARK combines Bill Zebub's absurdism with tragedy, science fiction, and sexploitation

The story begins with a guy who uses a cream to alter that certain part of the male's body.  The side effects are like nothing one would imagine.  Actually this movie is like nothing anyone would ever imagine. 

A creature is set loose on the world, and thus begins the tragic tale. 

The uncut version is almost 3 hours long and is currently available at

The DVD version is about 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Some of the cast include ERIN BROWN (also known to some as Misty Mundae), RACHEL CROW, SCARLETT STORM, LYDIA LAEL, and JOHN GIABCASPRO.

NIGHTMARE ON ELMO's STREET - NIGHTMARE ON ELMO's STREET takes place in a world where puppets and humans live together.  This peaceful co-existence begins to unravel as demented attacks become more numerous. 


The story is in the realm of the absurd, and although there are puppets in this story, the situations are bizarre.  Fans have expressed their enjoyment of the scenes between Erin Brown and Lydia Lael, so much so that Bill Zebub is considering making a movie specifically with those two to interact again.


HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL- HOLOCAUST CANNIBAL, despite the imagery and the title, is anti-nazi.  Some people have knee-jerk reactions to such words and symbols, and one of them was an executive at a chain of stores who ordered this movie to be banned.  But rather than shame that idiot, and risk getting other movies banned from that chain, just suffice it to say that you should think a little more before you let you condemn something.

In this story, some Nazis have made plans to fly to Argentina where they will live in hiding, but the plane crashes on an island of savages.  Now it is THEIR turn to suffer atrocities.  This is the first movie in which Bill Zebub had cast ERIN BROWN.  He had met her socially many years before but hadn't asked her to participate in movies because they had met as friends, not as professionals. He did not want to cross the friendship barrier.  But three movies later, they are still friends.

But back to the movie - it combines the cannibal genre with nazisploitation, mixed further with Bill Zebub's absurdism.


SCIENCELESS FICTION - SCIENCELESS FICTION is the most offensive movie in the history of cinema, but only if you are stupid.  The movie ridicules brainwashing.  If you have a knee-jerk reaction to what you see and hear in this film, then maybe you should take a look at yourself.  You might be in denial.

This BLURAY is a double feature.  It also comes packed with the "Actor's Cut" of INDIE DIRECTOR, so you get the most outrageous Bill Zebub movie as well as the most straightforward one, in pristine High Definition so that you can better enjoy the lush images.

   If you need your hand held then you shoudl start with INDIE DIRECTOR, but if you can watch a movie as a participant rather than an observer, the you can start out with SCIENCELESS FICTION to get your brain teased a but while you enjoy the bizarre visuals.


METAL RETARDATION VOLUME 4- METAL RETARDATION VOLUME 4 is the most fun that you will ever have watching bands get interviewed.  Rather than asking "What are your influences?" Bill Zebub decides to pull the pants down, so-to-speak.  You learn a lot more about the artists' personalities than you would in a generic interview.  And of course, sometimes people get mad.

   If you can't tell by the title, this is the 4th such anthology.  It is the first one to be shot in HD. 

   METAL RETARDATION can be considered the video version of Bill Zebub's magazine, called THE GRIMOIRE OF EXALTED DEEDS.  In fact, the very first METAL RETARDATION was a collection of interviews that appeared in print.  (They had been shot on VHS quality camera, but the reason why they appeared on DVD was because the humor was priceless, and fans begged for the material to become available.  The 2nd volume, called EXTREME METAL RETARDATION, was shot specifically for DVD. 


ANTFARM DICKHOLE - ANTFARM DICKHOLE is about a wimp who gets bullied constantly. One day he is knocked unconscious while army ants coincidentally march tho his location.  They need a warm place to burrow for the night, so they inhabit him.  He is not aware of this because of the anesthetic properties of their excretions.  The next day he is bullied again, but the ants defend their nest.  This is the first time that the wimp has power.  Will he use it for good, or as in so many cases, will a tormented person inflict torment when he first gets the chance?

An alternate edit was made for shops that would be afraid to carry a movie with such a vulgar title.  If you are a fan of the original version, you might enjoy seeing the way that this version was cut.  This DVD also has different bloopers and such. 


INDIE DIRECTOR - INDIE DIRECTOR is one of the more straightforward movies in the realm of Bill Zebub Productions.  The stories centers on a wayward director as he deals with many problems in the world of independent film, including problems that he creates for himself.  You get to learn a lot about this part of the film world, bit it's not meant as a how-to manual.  No.  Comedies often use failure and hardship for amusement, so you don't need to know anything about the industry in order to get some laughs, although the more you know, the more you will enjoy what you see.  

The ill-fated director meets many people who are types of people whom you can encounter in this world, but the main character is unlike anyone in the scene, so his problems aren't really about the world of independent film.  Bill Zebub had made a movie called "Assmosnter" which spoofed the making of an independent film.  This story is a bit different in that it is more about the scene than any one particular project, or group fo characters. 

The DVD is the uncut version, and the HD version, which has a more direct edit, is a bonus movie on the SCIENCELESS FICTION blu(e)ray.


JESUS, THE DAUGHTER OF GOD - JESUS, THE DAUGHTER OF GOD is the story of a gogo dancer who quantum leaps into the body of Jesus.  She doesn't believe that he ever even existed, so this must be a dream.  She has a lot of fun messing around with people because she doesn't take her new reality seriously.

This is the first movie in which SCARLETT STORM worked with Bill Zebub.  Her bubbly personality  has quickly made her a favorite among fans. 

This is also the first movie in which Bill Zebub made use of ultra slow motion for fight scenes, so if you are love that aspect of his cinematography then you can enjoy his first steps here.


JESUS THE TOTAL DOUCHEBAG - JESUS THE TOTAL DOUCHEBAG - Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie) stars as Satan in this ultra blasphemous comedy about the cowardly Jesus.  

As with Bill Zebub's other offensive movies, this is meant to be watched by people who enjoy such humor.  It's not a mainstream movie so there's not much chance of this movie being seen by someone who shouldn't look at it, but even if it falls into such hands, the first five seconds are enough warning to delve no further.  There is a high cheesiness factor here, which is like an insect repellent for the brainwashed.

Remember that anger is a choice.  Hopefully you choose laughter instead,


ZOMBIECHRIST- ZOMBIECHRIST is the story of a god's life force being channels into a long-buried corpse.  In many ways it is a spoof on religious myths of deities who take human form, and of course, the title of this movie makes some retailers shit their pants, so you will most likely have to find an indie store, which is more appropriate for you underground movie shopping. 

As with many Bill Zebub movies, underneath the gratuitous nudity and shocking scenes there is actually a complex and high-brow story.   You see what you want to see, and if you're stupid, then you probably won't see it even if it is explained to you.  That sentence was a bit harsh, but the reason why it's part of this description is because you are not going to have your hand held throughout the movie.  You have to be a participant, not an observer. 

If you can't tell, this is an effort to make you avoid this movie if you are simply looking for shock. 


NIGHT OF THE PUMPKIN - NIGHT OF THE PUMPKIN is the story about a group of friend who become terrorized on Mischief Night.  Well, that is the surface story.  You'll just have to watch the movie to get the treasures that lie beneath the veil.

This was Bill Zebub's first attempt at a horror movie, which of course means that he spoofs it somewhat.  But as in all films, there is a method to his madness.  If you have low comprehension, you will just enjoy the abundant nudity, but you might get frustrated by your inability to perceive a plot. However, if you enjoy sleuthing while watching a movie, then you might enjoy assembling all of the puzzle pieces in your head.  Don't worry - there are MANY people who have found answers in this movie, so it's not an infantile taunt.

High brow and low brow at the same time, with a strong flavor of low budget.  It is the first movie in which Angelina Leigh worked with Bill Zebub. 

Metal Retardation Volume 4

Erotic Horror

Bill Zebub makes movies that combine styles that normally are separate.  The EROTIC HORROR movies are listed here in a separate category because they different from Bill Zebub's other offerings.  Some have a true-crime feeling (there are actually people like that in the real world), while others exaggerate, or even add ark humor.

50 SHADES OF SCARLETT - This is a Blu(e)ray double feature.  The erotic horror movie, "CRIPPLED BY DESIRE" is the story about a girl in a wheelchair, played by LYDIA LAEL, who is unable to fight off an intruder.  She suffers all manner of demented and degrading abuse, and whenever there is a knock on the door, more victims get added to the ordeal.  This also stars SCARLETT STORM, VANNA BLONDELLE, and ANDREA HALL

The other movie is QUANTUM LEAP OF FAITH that starts LAUREN STEINMEYER, and of course, SCARLETT STORM in a blasphemous comedy about a gogo dancer who quantum-leaps into the body of Jesus.  Everyone around her thinks that she is Jesus.  She considers it all to be a dream because she never believed that Jesus even existed, so she runs amuck, much to the dismay of her loyal followers.

 FORGIVE ME - FORGIVE ME is about a priest who uses his position to gain the trust of women who let him into their homes.  After he gains entry, his behavior becomes increasingly disturbing until his taunting can only lead to one end.  Depravity follows.

This movie has performances by TAYLOR TRASH, KATHY RICE, ANGELINA MARTIN, and JORDANA LEIGH, among others. 

Bill Zebub has also included bloopers so that you can view the actresses as people.  In the past, he didn't want to break the tension of the scenes by showing you how much fun they were to film, but it should always be an option for you, as the viewer.  It is now the policy to provide actress-interviews for movies like this, but that policy wasn't in place for this one.  But you should be able to enjoy the behind-the-scenes footage. 


THE LESSER EVIL - THE LESSER EVIL is the story of a woman who is confronted by a man who has kidnapped her daughter.  Rachel Crow stars as the woman who is told to comply with the man's wishes, or the daughter shall be forced to do so.  

This is the first sex-horror in which a single actress carries the story.  It is also the first time that the script was specifically written for an actress.  It might be shocking for you to realize that the actress was involved from the very beginning, and that she had the power to reject or approve the ideas during writing.  So as much as you squirm, watching her torment. be aware that she was in control during the entire process.

The DVD also contains an in-depth interview with Rachel Crow.