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Bill Zebub writes, produces, films, and edits his own movies.  He cannot provide the lush budget of a mainstream movie, but he can provide something that Hollywood can’t.  This doesn’t mean that his movies are better than the mainstream alternative.  In fact, most people would argue that his movies are much worse, even unwatchable.  Look up any of his movies on a mainstream site and you will see how average people hate his work.

Bill Zebub would rather have people LOVE his movies than to merely like them.  This comes at a cost.  His fan base may be smaller than those of his peers, but these are people who are able to see what the outsiders can’t, or won’t.  This fan base is not homogeneous.  The fans are diverse in education, occupation, and many other factors.  The only thing that they derive enjoyment from Bill Zebub’s movies.

Bill Zebub offers several flavors of movies.  He is head of the number one death metal magazine in the world. so he constantly interviews bands.  Thus spring the “Metal Retardation” anthologies as well as his myriad metal documentaries.  He also creates comedies which are usually offensive, but the intention is not to shock people  – the intention is to entertain people who love offensive content.  Bill Zebub also delves into horror, but where other directors give blood, Bill Zebub gives boobs.  He also likes to mix comedy with horror.  Bill Zebub will eventually make horror that is more frightening, but he currently prefers to mix aspects that aren’t traditionally associated, no matter what the genres are.

Bill Zebub is not currently on the radio schedule at WFMU (91.1 FM) but his shows have been archived and are available for streaming or download HERE (Click it).  He may be on the next schedule (schedules last a few months at a time).


Bill Zebub has made movies for outside producers.  These are occasionally made for Bill Zebub to establish a list of people who have benefited financially from investing in his ideas.  One such company is ROUGH PICTURES, which funded movies like “DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE” and “LOVING A VEGETABLE.”

If Bill Zebub Productions were to get big, or if Bill Zebub were awarded a bigger budget, the primary difference would be that three would be a team effort.  Currently, Bill Zebub is the only one who creates. approves, and amends content. If there were a team involved, then Bill Zebub would have to defend his ideas.  Experts would be able to caution Bill Zebub against moving forward with some ideas or plans, or they might want him to revisit ideas that were discarded.  He would have a camera person operating the camera, a cinematographer setting up shots, an editor piecing together the elements, et cetera.  For now, Bill Zebub is the only one who does all of these things.  Movies are sometimes not considered art because they are collaborative – but not in this case.  Bill Zebub does it all, so it is art, like it or not.

Bill Zebub funds these movies out of his own pocket, so-to-speak.  He occasionally runs crowdfunding campaigns.  This allows him to make a movie according to his own rules.  Hollywood may be stuck making comedies without wit – wit is hard to translate, but someone falling down or making a silly face can be enjoyed in the worldwide market regardless fo culture – and very simple story is safe for such marketing… but Bill Zebub can not only inject wit, but he can make comedies dialogue-based if he chooses.  He can use philosophy in comedy.  The risk is only his.  He doesn’t have to justify any of the artistic decisions to investors (at least not yet).  So why make copycat movies and follow the rules that apply more toward commercial products rather than art?

Perhaps one of the crazy ideas will be commercially viable and a movie can be re-made with a proper budget.  But for now, the focus is on the content rather than the things that money can buy.

Bill Zebub

Bill Zebub