is undergoing a rebirth

This website in the process of being remade.  Please visit if you can’t find what you need here.  (That site is a bit more fan-oriented)

The news for now is that FRANKENSHARK and A DEVIL’S WIND are now available for pre-order on amazon.  The movies officially get released October 14.

Currently, Bill Zebub is actively filming EXPLOITATION, which is a tragi-comedy about the B-movie world.  There are some surprises in store.  Sorry, no news can leak quite yet. 

Bill Zebub is also developing a thriller called “DON’T DRINK THE MILK” that will hopefully stitch together some ideas that have never been joined before.

Lastly, the highly-offensive-if-you’re-brainwashed movie, “CLOWNA NOSTRA” is making some progress.  It will probably be finished in the spring of 2018, depending on how cowardly people who see the script become.