The Early Skits of Bill Zebub

   Bill Zebub made skits and performed public stunts before he made movies.  During those days, he never thought that his footage would ever be sold in stores, or even enjoyed by people outside of his friendship circle.  

   There is a chance that he will release one or more anthologies of those skits and stunts.  Bill Zebub does not want these items to be sold in stores, for a variety of reasons, but chiefly because such material is really for the die-hard fans.  

   Have fun watching these clips. 

   If you want to be on a list of people who would participate in a crowdfunding campaign, Email  No, it's not asking for a hand-out. You'd basically be pre-purchasing a DVD that will never be in stores.  Or you can be content to stream them on here.  It's your choice,  Just have fun.  That's the important thing.

Gangster Pizza


Killer Kittycat

Interviewing with Style

Kookoo Puffs

Star Trek parody

Nun of Your Goddamn Business

Beach Slapstick

Crucifix Olympics

jackolantern Pie

X Ray Vision