Santa Clause: A Horror Story

Santa CLaus: AHorror Story

Santa CLaus: AHorror Story

Santa Claus: A Horror Story

This movie is a different cut of “SANTA CLAUS: SERIAL RAPIST” which has alternate performances, so it’s not just a different duration.

After Bill Zebub finished Dickshark, he wanted to expand the visual frontier as well as to explore more of the psychological aspects of story writing.  As with many previous scripts, Bill Zebub delights in throwing off a viewer’s perception and prejudice.  You know what you have thought when you first saw the movie cover.  Bill Zebub wants you to feel stupid for having those knee-jerk reactions.  That is, if you acted on those beliefs.  If you set aside your prejudice and gave the movie a chance, then you have a right to be proud.

Suzi Lorraine

Suzi Lorraine

indeed, most people want a horror story, but the horror is not from a cheap scare, a villain, gore, or dreadful sounds.  no.  The horror in this movie comes from sorrow. it is also a story that honors the contributions of the ancient Greeks.


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